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The Oracle - DVD $19.95

Consider the possibility of co-creating a new paradigm with the Universe and You!

Join an intimate conversation and energetic transmission with evolutionary oracle, Renee S LeBeau. Explore the mystery and dance of creation in becoming an infinite spiral. Take yourself on an acoustic journey that will inspire and empower you, ultimately offering you a new map of being.  Uncover your own inner realms and wisdom; creating a new perspective of relating with yourself, those around you, the environment and this amazing planet without the lens of separation.

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Acoustic Alchemist
2 DVD set $29.95

Behind the scenes exploration of sound allowing you to experience a cosmological and personal journey.

Sonic Activation -
Live Sound Event:
High vibrational frequencies created through the use of Tibetan bowls, crystal bowls, planetary gongs, tingshas and a rainstick. Harmonic tones and overtones will take you into a deep state of relaxation, re-tune your nervous system and shift your brain waves.

A Conversation:

Allows you to enjoy a spontaneous acoustic waterfall of sound and conversation.  In a gorgeous outdoor setting with Renee S LeBeau playing a pan steel instrument called the Hang.   

Q & A with Renee:

The space created after a live sound event can be a portal to new awareness.  Renee S LeBeau is on camera with a group of people who have just experienced a Full Moon sound activation & are asking questions from a place of sharing with a desire to generate more consciousness.  

Sound Field Preparation:

An exploration of tone, frequency and intention between 2 sound performers who play tibetan bowls, tingshas and planetary gongs.  Includes a duet on the hang.

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